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At our IV therapy clinic, we offer personalized treatment plans to help you get the relief you need. Our IV infusion therapy treatment delivers a blend of vitamins, minerals, and medications that are tailored to your specific needs, providing relief from various symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and hangovers. With our treatment, you’ll experience a boost in energy levels and an improvement in your immune system.

Many patients report feeling relief from their symptoms and an overall improvement in their well-being within an hour of receiving their IV treatment. However, the exact time it takes for you to experience the benefits may vary depending on your individual needs and the specific treatment you receive.

At our IV Therapy clinic, we provide customized treatments for a range of different needs. Whether you're looking for a boost to your immune system, relief from brain fog, or help with addiction or PTSD, our team of experts can help. With a wide range of benefits, IV therapy is quickly becoming a popular way to improve your health and wellbeing.

At our IV Therapy clinic, we offer a wide range of IV infusions that are not limited to just one nutrient or medication. Our infusions contain a mix of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and hydration fluids. Whether you’re an athlete looking to recover faster or someone dealing with a health condition, our IV therapy is a deeply effective solution that holds nearly unlimited possibilities for helping you feel better and perform at your best. Schedule an appointment now to learn how our IV therapy can help you.

Regenerative Products Comparison

Staying Hydrated

Which Conditions benefit most from Whartons Jelly?

Wharton’s  jelly allografts are connective tissue  supplements designed to replace missing or damaged tissue in the patient.  If missing or damaged tissue is identified after imaging, you may be a candidate for Wharton’s  jelly application.

How do I know if Wharton’s jelly is right for me?

If you are suffering from joint pain, you may have an underlying structural tissue  defect that is the root cause. Instead  of treating your symptoms (pain) with steroids or other conventional methods, Wharton’s  jelly addresses the root cause by fixing your "tissue issue".

Advantages of Whartons Jelly

This connective tissue contains  high amounts of extracellular  matrix components including collagen types I, III, and V, elastin, and fibronectin that provide a natural

scaffold to facilitate cellular adhesion1, 2. Wharton’s jelly primarily provides cushioning  and structural support to the umbilical cord but also contains  a natural source of long- chain hyaluronic acid as well as numerous cytokines  and growth  factors. Studies  have  described placental tissues  to be “immune privileged” as they rarely evoke  an immune response in the body, reducing the risk of adverse reaction.


What is a structural defect?

 A defect is defined  as missing or damaged tissue  in the body. Missing or damaged tissue  often compromises the stability and structural integrity of its surrounding area, providing for a wide array  of symptoms.

Supplementing a Defect

Regenative Labs Wharton’s jelly allografts are derived from the structural connective tissue found in the umbilical cord. This structural connective tissue provides cushioning and structural support to the vasculature in the umbilical cord. All Regenative Labs Wharton’s jelly allografts are processed to preserve the structural integrity and original relevant  characteristics of the connective tissue relating to its utility to supplement missing or damaged tissue in the recipient. If you may be dealing with a structural defect, ask your physician if you could benefit from connective tissue supplementation.

What should I do post-application?

This is up to your physician's discretion, however it is usually a good  idea to take it easy  for the first 24-48 hours, but beyond that, there  is typically little change in daily activities post-application. WJ  application takes only minutes & is non-allogeneic, non-

surgical, and minimally invasive. Patients walk in and walk back  out the same day.

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