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Lynnette Bohannon

Hello.  My name is Lynnette Bohannon.  I am a universal light worker and appointed healer.  I am here to facilitate energy conversion therapy for those in need.  It is my intent to provide a safe and loving space for anyone ready to begin the healing process within themselves and the sacred circle.  I have been practicing energy transference for most of my adult life.  My intuitive connection to spirit has been unmistakably strong as long as I can recall.  Thankfully, I have been able to hone these [innate] gifts through my various certifications in this area. 

Hands-on-healing is an archaic practice that dates back many 1000's of years.  What is our human response immediately after hurting ourselves?  We reach and grab putting 'hands on' the affected area.  One could say this reaction is our subconscious way of bringing out the natural healer in all of us. 

When explaining Reiki, knowledge is better gained through experience tailored to the unique design and necessity of the individual.  Each session, though effective, may not be the same.  Each one of my sessions are conducted with the intent to unblock and/or remove unhealthy and unwanted stagnant energy in order to re-balance Self.  This helps us get back to our inner quiet.


When energy flows freely with no restrictions we feel better. When we feel better, we do better. THAT'S CONTAGIOUS!!

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