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Salt Cave
Two women in a salt cave room

Infrared Salt Saunas

By combining the health benefits of the salt cave with infrared sauna heating technology, you end up with a Salt Cave Sauna that is beyond therapeutic. The heat from the sauna turbocharges the natural ion output of the Himalayan salt in the cave. Salt Cave Saunas combine the benefits of traditional infrared saunas, with the healing properties of Himalayan salt. In use, they work just like a sauna. Himalayan salt bricks cover the floor of the sauna and the heat from the sauna releases the negative ions from the bricks. Salt Sauna Cave salt therapy sessions are the ultimate in relaxation

The infrared sauna heating elements use a wave length that causes heat to penetrate deeply into the body, and when combined with the therapeutic negative ions from Himalayan Salt, provides a healing oasis. 

Over time, these toxins accumulate in the body via fat cells. The salt cave sauna causes these toxins to break free from the fat cells so you can release them through your skin as you sweat. Substances like nicotine, alcohol, metals, and other pollutants can be held onto by the body–our Salt Cave Saunas help you rid your body of these unwelcome substances while the natural therapeutic effects of Himalayan salt soothe asthma, allergies and other breathing symptoms and relieve stress.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Therapy 

  • Himalayan salt provides negative ions for more oxygen intake

  • Negative ions can boost your immune system and elevate your mood!

  • Helps reduce asthma, allergies and other breathing ailments 

  • Himalayan Salt is a natural way to aid in achieving your health goals.

  • Helps invigorate you, calm and restore to a calm stress free state. 

  • Salt cave saunas heat up to 140-150 degrees and naturally kill surface bacterial and viruses 


Benefits Of Infrared Saunas 

  • Promotes detoxification, in a fun and enjoyable spa environment

  • Helps lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and feel more energy. 

  • Cardiovascular benefit, relieves stress and can improved circulation. 

  • Stiff achy joints – problem  alleviates  deep heat penetrates muscles and relieves inflammation.

  • Faster Recovery from injury and promotes stamina

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