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What People are Saying...

Acupuncture in low back

– Colorado Conservative

Wonderful holistic practitioner, recommend Tracey highly to anyone interested in seeking integrative medicine for traveling the road to healing and better health.


– K Nicholls

Came in for a knee issue that no doctor could figure out. I decided to try a different approach. Tracey was able to address the scar tissue that was giving me knee pain. Injection therapy was the cure and I’ve been pain free for 6 months now!


-Julie Espinoza

Tracey is wonderful! She has made me a believer for sure. I feel so relaxed and pain-free every time.

Acupuncture Session

– Amanda Taulman

Loved them! This was my first time trying acupuncture and I felt so wonderful afterward.

Back Massage

– Debbie Engler Andrews

I’ve had acupuncture & massage services and loved them both. Great location, competitive pricing, friendly staff and beautiful, relaxing environment.

Acupuncture Session

– Erica Edwards

This was my first time having acupuncture. I was very skeptical that the treatment would help with my ongoing shoulder/back pain.


I frequently woke up with pain and stiffness that lasted all day. Since receiving the treatment 7 days ago I have had no pain or stiffness. Tracey thoroughly explained the process and was very gentle and understanding. It is so nice to be pain-free. Thank you!


– Tiago Reis

I was suggested to have acupuncture done for relief of stress-induced ailment and mood swings.

A few minutes into the session and relief is immediate, the needles really feel smoothing, much less strain on neck, and a general feeling of good energy during the session. I feel the benefits are recurring and long lasting.

Very affordable!

Thank you Tracey!

Stone Treatment

– Jennifer Bradshaw Iler

I had a total knee replacement 2 weeks ago; pain meds haven’t worked at all (they never do, for me).


I am new to acupuncture, but from day one, it has interrupted my pain, helped my healing, and eased my stress. Tracey is wonderfully warm and professional. Yesterday’s appointment was euphoric; she did a particular stress relief technique that made me feel like I was floating, which continued for 2-3 hours after treatment.

Tonight (treatment #5), I felt a definite shift in the fluid, numbness, and overall stiffness in my knee. I have been able to walk around the house without my walker, extend my knee more fully than ever before, and feel like nerves and muscles are finally reacting in a more positive way.

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