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Samantha Muniz

Hello ~ My name is Samantha. I am a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium & Intuitive.


My mission as a lightworker is to heal and support others on their life paths by sharing my gifts.

I have been drawn to everything metaphysical for as long as I can remember. I find comfort and inspiration in spiritual practices and alternative healing modalities.

About five years ago, my own spiritual journey really deepened. My psychic abilities opened wide, and I started doing the inner work at a soul level. This has opened many doors and encouraged me to share my healing skills.

I currently offer in-person and distant Reiki sessions as well as Psychic Readings. I use Tarot and Oracle cards to deepen the messages. The feedback I get from my clients is always uplifting. I offer insights that help them heal and move forward confidently on their path. I have a nonjudgmental and supportive approach.

I am continuously expanding my knowledge and honing my skills in
connecting with the spirit realm. Mediumship is a special interest of mine. I am growing my ability to connect people with their loved ones on the other side and bring forth messages of love and light with validation. I’m honored to bring comfort, healing, and closure to those seeking connection with their departed loved ones.


~ Energy Exchange ~


*Reiki Session  $65


*Intuitive Session  $50


*Combo Package $100

Please call Samantha at 719 252-7395 to schedule your sessions

Energy Healing

“I highly recommend Samantha for Reiki! She not only made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed
while in session, she also helped me relieve stress and release energy I had been holding onto for way too
long. I leave each appointment feeling so much lighter and with a clearer vision for myself! You really
need Samantha in your life. She will definitely change yours!” 

~ Shyla

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

“Before I met Samantha for my first card reading, I prayed that my BFF who passed away tragically over twenty years would send me a specific word. I was overjoyed that Samantha said that word before even starting the card reading! Samantha truly has a God given gift! What I remember most
was being uplifted by her keen insight and positive messages. It was a remarkable & enlightening
experience! Heartfelt Thanks Samantha” 

~ Sheralee

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